PickFish is the professional Web studio you’ve been searching for.


With a creative digital approach to innovative services and startups alike, PickFish is devoted to providing clients with exceptional creative work and keeping them happy along the way. To that end we strive.



Our services include solutions for a wide range of user, business and marketing goals by leading large initiatives and supporting high-level work. Our team uses integrated user experiences via complex data, problems, research, conceptualization (sketches/wireframes), visual design, information architecture, e-commerce storefronts, virtual interaction, with a sharp eye for detail to execute engaging experiences.



We take into account every aspect of the user’s experience, business goals and coordinate a delivered design, web prototype, and documentation, to the highest possible standards. With advanced knowledge of user focused design, user interactions, and how it relates to a companies brand, we at PickFish have successfully expanded our clients Google Analytics reach, social media SEO, and manage complex 1,000+ pages e-stores. Our websites are built to look good, designed to function easily and clearly, while backend optimization can be enhanced to achieve real business channels to more users & customers.