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If you build it – they will come

The custom framework we provide empowers us to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress. Whether you’re a novice or advanced developer, PickFish provides you the secure and search-engine-optimized foundation that takes WordPress to places you never thought it could go.

One of the benefits you have after you are all set up is real Search Engine Optimization (SEO) handling, and security features to keep you connected in browser searches and secure from viruses or malicious attacks. We can set up a child theme and prepare it for full customization or integrate some of the popular plugins that are available for WordPress without conflicts.

Never break a live site again!
Staging sites are never optional with WordPress

You may have learned this the hard way. It’s never a good idea to click on those
“update” buttons on themes and plugins and expect all to go well
(even if it worked last time).

Avoid these costly, time-eating mistakes
when updating a live WordPress site!

– Plugin conflicts causing loss of functionality or design

– CSS overrides being deleted in core plugin files (never do this)

– Site going mysteriously ‘blank’ with a white screen

– Deletion of content you spent countless hours on

– Error messages appearing for public users

– Broken links and disappearing images

– Loss of ability to login to WP Dashboard or users areas

– Inability to take payments, registrations or sign-ups

And so much more!

Fixing issues like this can keep you up all night and ruin your work schedule.
Save yourself the hassle with an affordable $12/month (min.) plan.

If you have an active site with many tiers built in, it’s important to back up.
However a backup system is not enough.
You need staging sites to solve your site problems, not ‘band-aid’ them.

A backup system is essential, but a staging site lets
you work on problems or redesigns in a completely
separate environment, away from a functioning site
that needs to keep serving customers.

We Test in a safe, isolated environment, never infecting your live site.
Save disk space and possibly money on your hosting plan.

Ongoing, responsive support

We stand behind our service. If you’re having trouble, we’re here to help, often replying within a few minutes or hours. Extra service add-ons are also available for purchase, if you ever need it (but you probably won’t).

Created for Real World Cases; Mastered by an
Infrastructure Perfectionist.

WordPress asks you to update a lot of things.  All of your plugins are (hopefully) updated on a regular basis, and your theme probably gets updated, and you probably have some themes installed on your site that you aren’t using, and they want updates too.  And, of course, WordPress itself: every few months, there’s a big new release, and you might see smaller updates as often as every week or so.

So if everything on your site is working just fine, should you bother with all those updates?  After all, it takes time, and there are scary warnings about backing up your site first, and what if an update breaks something?  Or what if the update makes confusing changes to the user interface?

Yes, you absolutely should update your site, but please do it properly!

Conflicts can be avoided through professional management of your site’s settings.
There are several reasons why updates are so important:

New Features

This is the most obvious reason to update: updates add new shiny features to your site!  Sometimes the features will be pretty exciting, sometimes you will hardly notice, but it’s always good to have access to all of the latest stuff.  Granted, sometimes the new features might change your workflow a little bit.  But here’s the thing: new features are introduced incrementally.  That is, each version has a few new little things.  So if you update regularly, you’ll just have small new things to get used to.  But if you wait a long time to update, and suddenly add 6 months worth of new features to your site all at once, those changes will be much more dramatic and much harder to get used to.  So you’re better off updating as often as possible.


Sure, you have just a tiny little site, with hardly any traffic, so why would anyone want to hack it?  The truth of the matter is, every WordPress site is a target.  This isn’t because WordPress isn’t secure: it’s because WordPress is so prevalent.  WordPress is 25% of the internet, which means there are huge payoffs for hackers who can figure out how to break into WordPress sites.  Hackers don’t care how much traffic your site gets – they just want to use your site to send out spam or other nefarious things for a few days until you beef up your security, and then they move on.

What does this have to do with updates? Any time someone finds a security vulnerability in WordPress, the WordPress team releases an update to fix the vulnerability.  The same goes for plugins and themes.  On top of that, any time a security vulnerability is fixed, information about the problem becomes publicly available.  That means that hackers know how to get into old versions of WordPress.  So it is extremely important to keep your site updated to avoid getting hacked!

Big problems when you do update

No matter what, you are going to have to update someday.  You can’t keep running an old version of your site forever.  Some day you’re going to want to use a new theme, and your new theme is going to require the latest version.  Or you’re going to install a new plugin, and it will require an update.

The more often you update, the less likely it is that updates will cause problems.

Whenever someone contacts us and wants us to help them make some changes to their site, if we see that their site is really out of date, we don’t even try to update it.  We just start all over with a new site, and import their old content, so we can knowingly avoid major crashes.  For a small site, this might not be a big deal, but for complex sites, it can get very expensive.

In a worst case scenario, this can even lead to a major data loss.  We once worked with a website that was running a very old version of a plugin.  They hadn’t updated in years, and they wanted to update the plugin and put a new theme on the site.  They already spent dozens of hours (and thousands of dollars) trying to update from a very old version with another developer. Hundreds of thousands of posts were inaccessible from multiple system crashes. They were in meltdown stress mode…End of the World I tell you, but within a day we loaded everything into our proper setup and Updating was no longer very complicated for them. That’s why we don’t waste time– we have a team of master developers who strive to improve user experience.

You might think you don’t need to update because everything is working just fine right now.  But in the long run, not updating will cause far more problems if you wait too long.

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